subject line: ten-out-of-ten


Cornell University

Everyone told me that we would be friends, that we would get along as perfectly as two old pals who had known each other since we were in primary school, growing up alongside one another through all the wonderful and crazy moments of adolescence. What I didn’t expect was that they would be right.

Everything about you feels like honesty; you live your life and approach your relationships with an air of sincerity that was refreshing among this “collegiate hook-up culture.” You weren’t just some guy that wanted to have fun for a night only to leave me torn apart by morning. You were the guy who got out of the car when I needed to fill the tank with gas and leaned against the hood, easily turning a mundane moment into fits of laughter. You were the one that rolled down the slope with me and climbed trees and brought out the best side of my weird self. I felt like I could tell you anything, and with every moment I rambled on about my life you just smiled and laughed with me. That was such a cool experience, something I really hadn’t experienced until now.

So thank you. Thank you for being an endless source of sunshine and for your honesty. Thank you for being genuine and kind, I couldn’t ask for anything more.