subject line: on a train from Boston, pt 2


Albany, New York

Dear Nat,

You weren’t on the train back from Boston. But we stopped at the same station where we met, and I bought an Albany, NY t-shirt. Kind of like a commemorative tattoo. But not because it’s a t-shirt.

It’s a reminder to me that there is magic here; the kind of magic that puts two complete strangers on the same train to help revive their hope in love and possibilities.

Nat, I can tell you’re an amazing man. How you smile at each and every person you make eye contact with, and how you talk about your mother like she’s the greatest woman you’ve ever known. What ever girl gets to have you, she’s got it good, my friend.

You reminded me I can do better than what I have been. Thank you.

With care,
The very clumsy girl with very hot coffee from train 448 to Boston.