subject line: "no regrets"... tell the truth for once



I think the “no regrets” mantra is so appealing. Hey, everything served a purpose. Hey, you learned something from every experience. No waste. No want.

It’s such a big lie though, isn’t it?

I have regrets — so many. They’re not special. They’re the regrets we all share. Things we should have done or said. Things we shouldn’t have done or said. Places we should have gone and chances we should have taken and fears we should have faced.

I should have studied abroad in college instead of arrogantly presuming travel would be just as easy in adulthood. I should have taken a leap out of college and gone and done some job instead of settling. I should have waited to get married, maybe — just a year or two longer. Not because I wasn’t emotionally ready for it, but maybe because it was just time... time that I lost in one way to gain in another way.

I regret so much and maybe I always will. And maybe people shouldn’t be shouting to the rooftops that they have no regrets. Because maybe when they do that it makes those of us who keep our regrets quiet and close feel so, so alone.