subject line: how I got over him, 2016 edition


Kicking Ass

I know we left these stories in 2015, and we took on 2016 with how we were going to make ourselves better, but I thought it would be nice to see how people are doing that didn’t quite get there in 2015. I was making some great progress, but I didn’t quite reach the point of getting over. June 2016 I have made it. I have made it and I have flourished. About 9 months ago I joined a boxing gym because I thought it would be a fun way to exercise. I thought it would be exciting and something different and a way to workout in a group class without pretending that I like yoga. Little did I know, that a couple weeks in I realized how much anger and pain I had inside me. It was all bottled up and the root of it was heartbreak. I was fully aware that my heart was broken, painfully aware actually, but I didn’t know how cathartic and fucking awesome it would be to hit a 100 pound bag as hard as a could with a group of strangers. I realized this a couple weeks in, and 9 months later I am stronger. Internally and externally. It has been the greatest excercise ativity I have ever done and on top of it, I beat heartbreak without endless night of tears. I feel more independent, strong, healthy, and happier. I know this isn’t the average how I got over him story, but I think it’s a great one, and one that other people can learn and relate to. I’m over him, no matter how long it took or how I got here, I’m fucking over him.