subject line: to my ex-boyfriend's wife



I’ve heard a lot about you, I’ve seen a lot about you, and I’ve stalked pretty much anything I could find on you. I’m your now husband’s ex girlfriend. You know, the one he dated all through college, the one who stood behind him as he lived out his dream, the one who cooked him dinner and cleaned his apartment, the one who loved his family, and the one who thought that ring on your finger would be mine.

You have yourself a handful. I dated him for almost 2 years, I should know. He is needy. He likes double fries at Zaxbys with ranch, his baked potato cut up just like his mama always did, he is the pickiest eater, and the one person who is impossible to shop for. He likes being the star while you sit back and watch him shine.

Did you know we talked almost every day up until that ring was placed on your finger? Did you know he CALLED me the morning that ring was going to be placed on your finger? Did you know up until that point I still had hope he would break up with you and be mine again? My guess would be no.

I stalked y’all’s wedding pictures through his sister’s Facebook. I saw everything. It was the wedding I dreamed of. My heart stopped when I saw the picture with this wedding ring on his finger. His smile, his eyes, his tall frame and those hands waiting for you, not me. We talked about our wedding so many times. We talked about our future babies, what they would look like, what their names would be and how we would spend holidays with them.

You didn’t meet the one man he looked up to the most, his grandfather. You weren’t there the summer he was dying of cancer and I was lucky enough to meet that sweet man and be there to love and support my best friend as he watched his hero go to Heaven.

Do you know about me? I know a lot about you. I might seem bitter, but in 6 short months you stole the man I thought I would spend forever with. I had my life planned out. Even after we broke up, we talked. Every. Single. Day.

Do me a favor and hold him tight, kiss him on the forehead and cherish the feeling of being in his arms. Congratulations on marrying my old best friend. Look over at him and just stare, that’s what I used to do. He’s pretty amazing, and you must be pretty amazing if he picked you. Take care of him for me.