subject line: strength like the waves and grace like the sand


 Lahaina, Hawaii

for any other girls who feel like they are like i am, let me tell you something: there’s a way to do this – this living wildly – right, or wrong. if you’re just like me, you feel way more than you think. sometimes, it’s just uncontrollable; the love or passion flowing through your veins. it rules you. you say things you don’t mean and you mean things you don’t say. i know, i get it, i really do. you always, always mean well. and i promise that the people that you love know that, too. but you need to do a better job of showing that you mean well. being slow to speak is not a bad thing, darling. in fact, most of the time, it will do you more good than bad. i promise that your feelings are valid and that they will be spoken in time, knowing you. you’re fluent in the language of your heart but you don’t really understand anything else. well shape up, girl, this is a world full of diverse languages that you need to take the time to understand also. if you put in the effort, i promise you that others will too.

trust me, i of all people know just how strong you are. but could you please just use that strength more graciously? there’s a raging fire inside of you, but let its light gently touch others rather than burn them. don’t worry about anyone else’s fire, they are keepers of their own flames.

i know, you just needed to take a step back. it’s happened before and it’ll happen again. you are not crazy. your heart just has a microphone whose sensitivity is turned up a little higher than normal. but i know that you know that. so let me just promise you, if you let your heart be just as gracious as it is strong, you are going to be just fine.