subject line: oscar proud


Rome, Georgia

“No dating until after you’re married” Oscar would always tell Penny on The Proud Family and I used to think it was so silly until one day when I threatened to not go to your wedding (whenever that day shows up) if you had it outside and it was hotter than 68 degrees. Your response of, “Who will walk me down the aisle then?” put everything into perspective. The realization that that roll falls onto my shoulders now that he’s gone made me realize exactly how Oscar Proud felt. I use his line all the time now. I’m so conflicted. More than anything I want you to find the joy of loving someone and the warmth of them loving you back, but real love. Not someone using someone. Not “Oh this is how I think they felt in my favorite book/movie.” But the perfect love that will keep you warm on the coldest nights. But unfortunately I know that you have to wade through the mistaken love identities and pain that comes with those to find that one true love that makes you smile every time it crosses your mind. So I will pray for you and your sisters to be able to handle the heartbreaks and to know when it’s real and when it’s not. And I will do my very best to instill fear into every boy you guys bring home to make sure you all will be treated with every ounce of respect I believe you deserve. And I will walk you down that aisle even if it’s 110 degrees.