subject line: moving on I guess



I did see a lot of our old pictures tonight. I can’t bring myself to delete proof of memories that were supposed to be happy. I thank God that they didn’t bring as much feeling to me as they used to, but they did remind me of how your cheeks felt and how you smelled. Everything is different now. I have a lot of questions about what I meant to you, but I gather that they’re best left unanswered. I’m glad that you’ve moved on, I guess we just weren’t right for each other, and that’s ok. I do miss the friend I had in you though, things have gotten harder, but I believe that I don’t have you for a reason, so I’ve made peace with that. I loved you, but I’ve moved on I guess, and that’s nice. I didn’t think I would find people I liked more than you, but I did. I even found someone whose smile is brighter, and I’m happy for that. I hope this email gives you some peace, but that doesn’t really matter, because at least it’s given me some.