subject line: South Philly



I just read an article about how Philly was voted angriest city in the US on CBSnews. I am angry. I am angry that I’m sexually harassed everywhere I go. I am angry that our public education is so fucked up. I’m angry that our city is dirty, and we have a big “spitting” thing going on. I’m angry that I have to be polite to assholes just because I work in the hospitality industry. I’m angry that this is such a diverse city and so many people are still stigmatized and objectified in this place. I’m angry that I work 50 hours a week and can barely pay my bills.

This doesn’t even touch on what I’m angry about in my personal life. I’m angry that he wants me to be his girlfriend when I explained that’s not what I want. I’m angry he keeps pushing it. I’m angry that the other boy wants me to be a biddy, a perfect girl who goes to the gym twice a day and gives blow jobs every night. I’m angry that my friends decided I’m a slut and won’t talk to me about it. I’m angry when people say they’re too busy for me. I’m angry when people still try to make smoking look cool. I’m angry that every step I take, I’m just waiting for a fight. I’m just waiting. Waiting because a fight about what my basic human rights entail is at every street corner.

But damn, at least we communicate. That’s the one thing I’ll give Philly, and the reason why I love it the most. We don’t tiptoe around. We’re not polite. We tell the hard truths without thinking twice about it. I love my angry city.