subject line: to the girl who he kissed on the head at prom.

Facebook kindly reminded me that it was one year ago today that I went to my senior prom with J. I saw your pictures together last weekend. You looked stunning and the pose you guys pulled at Grand March was perfect. I am so happy for you; I want you to know that. You make him the giddiest I’ve seen him in a long time, maybe ever.

I hope you took pictures at his house so you got to meet his neighbors and have his mom fuss over you. I hope you had a good song play at Grand March so he could look you in the eyes and mouth the lyrics to take the nerves away. I hope he brought you drinks and carried your shoes when they got uncomfortable. Most of all though, I hope you know how incredibly lucky you are. I hope you didn’t miss a second and tucked it all away in your memory. It was probably one of the best nights of all your time in high school. I know it was for me.

I hope he keeps dating you this summer. It looks like you’re the one who finally helped him get over his fear of commitment. He should have you there for graduation and for celebrating his last summer before going to school. As you know better than anyone, August is soon and PA is far. But the way things are going, it looks like maybe you’ll stay together even then. I’ll keep on being happy for you if you do. Either way, soak it all in. The way he scrunches up his eyes and smiles when he kisses you. Because you might wind up sitting on the same bed, looking out the same window a year later, remembering prom together. When a year feels like a day or an eternity, you can’t decide which one.

Oh, and one last thing. Thank you. Thank you for being the girl who finally brought me the closure I didn’t even realize I needed for the longest time. Yes, I will miss him when he leaves in the fall. There will be a tiny part of my that brings him to mind when I hear Piano Man. I will still smile when I hear it, but I will leave it at that. Because you have helped me let go. I was never the girl for him, regardless of how much I wanted to be. It was us for a time, but that time was, and was supposed to be, short. And that’s ok. I’m ok. So, thank you.