subject line: cloud 9.


golan heights, israel

I walked into Kofi Anan (“coffee in the clouds”) on top of Mt. Bental for a quick cup of coffee before my tour group left. I saw you standing behind the counter, you were so handsome and my Hebrew wasn’t that good so I quickly went over to the corner...really not wanting to look like a fool but also caffeine-deprived. I took a deep breath and went over to the counter and asked your co-worker in Hebrew if he spoke English. When he replied that he did, I placed my order and was brave enough to try and order it in Hebrew. As your co-worker freely conversed and joked with me, you stood back studying me, very thoughtful, very curious and some how as nervous as I was. “Where are you from?” A strong, solid voice said. I was amazed that it was you. I told you I was from the U.S. “yes, I know, but where in the U.S.” “Wisconsin” I replied shyly. “ah, that 70’s Show” you said with a smile. You mentioned how you had seen the show while it was airing in Israel. I couldn’t help but laugh, delighted that I could possibly find something to connect me to this handsome, Israeli barista. “Are you here on Holiday?” you asked. I told you that I was and then you asked where I was staying and for how long. My heart sank along with your countenance when I told you how far away my hotel was. But I thought it was my turn to ask you about yourself. You told me about how you grew up on a kibbutz and I asked what crops you grew. “Mangoes, bananas do you say in English? A winery? A vineyard?” “Yes” I replied, charmed that you struggled with English as I do with Hebrew “how do you say” I managed “...sabbaba? Cool?” Your face lit up as you flashed a sincere smile and laughed “yes, sabbaba” My time ran out and I had to leave. Though our conversation was brief, I couldn’t help being moved by how you actually seemed to want to know my story, that you were curious about who I was. I’ve been wondering if there were guys out there who really want to know me, I just didn’t realize I had to go to Israel to find them.