subject line: WTF


north carolina

I never knew so much could change in a week. Last week, he had gotten a job within twenty minutes at a job fair. We went to look at houses because we were both so excited to move in June. It seemed like everything that i had prayed for was working out.

Fast forward a week later.

He’s been fired from his current job, arrested, bailed out of jail. His face has been all over the internet and the nightly news for what he did. My grandparents called me because they saw his mug shot on the news. And I had to tell my eighty-three year old grandfather that yes, it was true. He sent inappropriate pictures to a thirteen year old. No, I didn’t know anything about this.

I found out Monday. He called from jail Tuesday. HIs parents bailed him out.

I never knew in a week I’d be planning to move out of our apartment. I’d be closing out all of our joint accounts. I’d be opening new bank accounts, filing for separate insurance, and looking for a divorce lawyer.

what is my life? This wasn’t the plan.