subject line: red lights.



6 months ago you looked at me and said, “Baby, I’m going to kiss you under every red light for the rest of our lives. Our kids are going to get grossed out and we’re going to love it because they’ll know what it looks like to have two parents that are in love.” Most people dread red lights, but, you and I, we lived for them.

Yesterday, I was in the car with a new guy and we drove to the store to get groceries to cook dinner. We stopped at at least 4 red lights... I realized I’m truly going to be over you the day I can pull up to a red light and not expect the boy in the driver seat to lean over and kiss me every time those red lights hit our car. I prayed for green the whole way home, because the red are too entangled with nostalgia. I didn’t want to feel like something was missing when he didn’t kiss me at the red lights; I didn’t want to miss you at the red lights.