subject line: yet again.


chester county, pennsylvania

So, I am back on the old “shit” list as my mom would always say. And boy, I only wish I could get myself off of it. It seems like for all of our relationship I have been on and off of it. From the moment you married my brother I have been jumping on and off of it like a jumping bean. I hate to say that it in someway is a game to you. I would hope to say I know you better than that. But now I am wondering. According to my only brother, your husband that I deeply love and to whom you have taken away from me. And you actually took away from the entire family. You believe a lie about me. And you make snide remarks when I am in the hospital and I am suppose to not say a thing about you. Oh, that is right, the shit list can only go one way right? I guess you are perfect and I am not. I forgot. I hope upon hope you never regret your decision to dump your relationship with me or anyone else for that matter. And I do know I sure do miss my brother dearly. My heart is broken. With my health I could die tomorrow. And in a weird way, I hope you regret it.