subject line: impure.



I was raised with the purity movement, with no sex for marriage, nakedness as a sin, and boys as my greatest fear.

”Don’t let them touch you,” they said. “Never let a boy who you aren’t married to see you bare.”

Now I’m involved with someone and I don’t think there’s any chance I could be pregnant, but the myths of touching have me confused. It’s hard to get pregnant, right? We haven’t had sex. I couldn’t be pregnant. I have been naked, will a man love me after this? & yet I keep going back, I keep getting undressed, he keeps kissing my body, and I keep worrying about my future. I’m still worried that “my sin will find me out”, when I don’t believe in a god at all. Why is it that the teachings of sin and shame were the only ones that stuck from 18 years in church?