subject line: Danny Boy



We hadn’t known each other 24 hours and we decided to drive across two state lines. You said, “you’re very trusting to do this.” I said, “I have a good feeling about people.” He said I had an awareness right behind my eyes. We took the scenic drive, stopping at overlooks to remind ourselves of perspective. We talked of family, of language, of brokenness. We found a cave. Is this a dream? I asked myself.

Two weeks ago I was writing a letter about a boy I’m held up on that I’ve never had this stimulating of conversation with. Today, I’m writing about someone I accidentally met less than 24 hours ago and have been more affirmed than I have in years, in the things that matter. Tonight was my first kiss in Tennessee, to someone I didn’t know this time yesterday. Tell me that life doesn’t have surprises for you, and I’ll tell you differently.