subject line: to the girl who gets my best friend's heart

Well you’re lucky. You’re lucky that he let you in and you’re lucky to have found such a great guy. D has been a good friend to me and I want the best for him so if you’re it you have a lot to read before you totally commit to loving him.

He’s shy. He has always been shy so don’t push him to much just smile and try to start a conversation with him. He is like a peanut you have to crack his hard shell to get to the good stuff. He’s gonna be awkward around your friends and family when you first introduce them probably but it’s just because he’s shy not because he doesn’t like them. Don’t get frustrated whenever he’s shy.

He likes the radio. I learned this by riding in his red Monte Carlo car with him. He has his assortment of stations that he listens to. Sing along with him...its his way of starting a conversation and saying that he’s comfortable with you. Appreciate those don’t have to be in tune either, he usually isn’t.

He loves his family. Don’t try to come in between him and his family because he will usually pick his family. He would do anything for them.

I could go on and on about things you should and should not do but most of all don’t make him choose me or you because I’m really scared that he would choose you. D is my best friend and he’s my go to man, my person that I go to for guy problems and the person I complain about the cross country coach. So please please please don’t take him away from me. He chose you for a reason... You’re lucky and cherish that and love him for that

Sincerely- B

P.S. His favorite drink at Starbucks is a vanilla frappaucio (he hates coffee)