subject line: bigger than this.



Dear you,

I’ve read all the emails. All the stories of broken hearts and tears shed and addictions fought and prayers desperately spoken. I’ve liked, I’ve commented, I’ve sent my own, I’ve tried to make people feel less alone, but there’s only so far your words can make it through a phone screen.
The thing about people is that we get so lost. We feel infinity for a fleeting moment, and then it’s over and it’s never enough. The tears return, the band aid comes off.

So this is my message to you, my shout into the void: you are not alone. There is always someone else out there, singing your song, fighting your fight. There is always someone out there with a broken heart, someone who is just trying to figure all this out. And I am always cheering you on. You’ve got this. You’ve got this.

Yes, my hands are small. Minuscule, in comparison to your heartbreak. But I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. Because maybe it’s time to stop being anonymous. Maybe it’s time to call it love. Maybe it’s time to wipe your eyes dry and come back to life, because your life is so much bigger and weirder and better than all this mess. So sing your song, you fool, you dreamer.

My hope for you moves mountains. We’ve never met and we probably never will and that breaks my heart, but I so want you to make this count. Because we’re all just here looking for somewhere to call home.

I hope you find home. Maybe you already have.