subject line: to the girl who spoke of scars



I thought I was the only one in the world who struggled with the scar you talked about. I thought I was the only girl who was constantly fighting against the addiction. But, I read your email and it was as if I found another me. Someone who would understand. Someone who would know the shame that comes from it and the fact you can’t admit it, because girls don’t struggle with those kinds of dirty things. Someone who knows the constant giving in and the promise you’ll never do it again after the deed is done, only to do it over and over again. But, also someone who knows the grace God gives. The forgiveness that He pours out each and every time we commit it. How God loves us just the way we are, but that He also loves us to much to leave us there. I pray that you will be healed of your addiction, that God will battle against it and you’ll never struggle again. Because, I pray that for myself too. And I pray that for every one of us girls that feels alone with our scars and struggles that aren’t the “nice” sins you can bring up in youth groups and church to confess. I pray that we will be set free, that we will rise above and cling to God through it all. But, most of all I pray that we will never start taking God’s grace, forgiveness, and love for granted. Rather, each time we will cling to the promise that He clothes us in a robe of righteousness and casts our sins to the depths of the sea. And maybe, another time we will hear our stories being spoken, but instead of stories of scars and shame, they will be stories of God’s glory and redeeming power.