subject line: done

The number of emails I write and delete here is ridiculous. I have so much to say yet have no clue where to start. I want to tell my parents how much they’ve held me back in life and the tension it creates in every aspect of this life that I don’t want to live. I want to tell my brother that, until he screwed me over, I always looked up to him despite him never acknowledging me as his sister. I want to tell my other brother that he’s all talk and to stop pretending like he’s concerned, like he understands. I want to tell my sister that money changed her and I want my less-rich sister back. I want to tell my boss I QUIT. I want to tell my yoga “friends” that, for the yoga world of love everyone and be accepting and don’t judge BS, you’re pretty bad at it. I want to tell my ex that I still miss him and love him and it still hurts to know it will never be reciprocated. I want to tell God that I’m done. I’m just so fucking done.