subject line: things I have to remind myself of now and then



1. Get out of his likes on Twitter, his posts on Instagram, & his shares on Facebook.
2. Watch those funny YouTube videos you have saved when you have bad days. They never fail to make you smile.
3. Buy the lipstick.
4. Your depression doesn’t define you.
5. Stop looking at every red truck that drives by thinking he’ll be in it. He won’t.
6. Go to parties with friends. Drink but don’t be sloppy drunk.
7. Take too many pictures with friends. Only post the ones where everyone looks good.
8. It’s okay to skip class once in a while because the monsters in your head are at war.
9. But, baby, don’t let them win.
10. Don’t worry about finding the right guy, just focus on being the right girl.
11. Chocolate milk is always a good choice.
12. Drench yourself in every emotion and live life purposefully and without regret.
13. It gets better and you should be around to see it.