subject line: Tinderella.


columbia, SC

We met on Tinder over a year ago. Not that that would necessarily be the best base for any relationship, but I was hopeful.

He was cute, charming, and had ambition.
Continually telling me I was beautiful, referring to me as “Bae” before things got too serious. I thought I had found the perfect guy.

Unfortunately, I have the investigation skills of a seasoned FBI agent and found his private Instagram and Facebook within a few minutes of truly searching. In true fashion, I made a fake account, added him and waited. What I found made me nauseous. He had a girlfriend. A serious, five year relationship and I knew nothing about it.

I take pride in being independent and not needing a man (that’s cheesy, I know), but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one. I wanted to scream or cry or throat punch him. but I just sat there, numb. I was the other woman and I didn’t even know it.

My first instinct is revenge. Go up in flames while blasting Taylor Swift circa Red. But still here I sit, just as numb and nauseous as the day I found out.