subject line: perspectives on love.



I have a theory. In life, we come across a myriad of people. When we move to new cities, while we grow up, as we begin and end jobs, as we take on new hobbies, and as we change our routines. With these transitions, there are the people that run parallel and the people that have impact.

When I say impact, I mean the people you call for twenty minutes just to check-in with them while you’re waiting to get your oil changed.

They are the friends you call when you move to a new city and you’re experiencing the biggest bout of loneliness that it becomes hard to eat. They listen and hear your pain.

He is the person that leaves a note on the windshield of your car as you’re teaching a difficult class of 20 students at the urban farm you work on, saying : “you’re doing a great job farmer Coco!”

This is the friend who remembers your birthday, even after not talking for a year. He sends you a box in the mail with homemade fudge brownies, a pair of smart wool socks, and a brief note.

She is the person you call when you’re driving 7 hours alone on the highway from Pittsburgh to New York City and want to tell her about your new obsession with purple Timberlands and how your mom accidentally drove home from the Audi dealership with the wrong car.

These are the people we hold onto, they’re the ones that have impact. And they’re the ones we love.