subject line: The Pizza Boy.



Dear Pizza Boy,

I don’t know your name, I don’t even know who you are really. All I know is that your some pizza boy that I met on a Sunday when I was picking up my pizza. You were the pizza boy who attended us. The good looking pizza boy I might add. Who kept staring at us, and I’m not really sure why… probably because we looked familiar to you. I mean you did ask us “if we went to PHS?” and I just responded with a no and a laugh. And that was it. My older sister later scolded me because I didn’t keep the conversation with you pizza boy. To be quite frank, keeping up a conversation is one thing that I’m not good at, despite the fact that’s what my job requires of me. I’m sorry pizza boy I didn’t make talk with you. I do hope however that in a couple of weeks when I order pizza again, that you’ll be there again. Because I would really love to see your face again, and watch it begin again.


The oblivious customer