subject line: you get married tomorrow


opposite east coast towns

It started when I was 16 and said yes to go running and finding a waterfall. It was my first kiss. It continued when I turned 17 and your sweet grandma bought us front row Red Sox tickets. It was the night I grew up too early. It ended at 18 in a lacrosse field, hearing my father’s voice saying “no” and your answer was “we’ll meet up in our mid-twenties and live out the North Carolina dentist and author dream.” I hated that goodbye and swore I’d never love someone that way again.

Fast forward seven years later and you’re getting married tomorrow. The 16 year old me wanted to be that bride so badly. The 17 year old me was confident I would be. The 18 year old me didn’t know how to not be. The 24 year old me is...

... living 1200 miles away from where we met. I am not the elementary teacher turned author and housewife in North Carolina you envisioned me to be. I am the corporate america breadwinner, grad student, living with a man who loves me right and reminds me of his love, daily. How did we both end up getting it right?

The 24 year old me smiles quietly for you.