subject line: somebody that I used to know.


the city that never sleeps

Dear Friend,

It’s been a rough year on you. I know this not because you’ve opened the curtain of your soul to allow me in, but because somewhere along the way the light that I most treasured in your eyes went out. What used to be a vast ocean of sunlight has become a winter storm. It breaks my heart to see pain in your eyes, and to watch you grasp so desperately for an accumulation of things to make your joy return.

You’re lost inside your self, and I can’t draw you a map to help you find your way.

I have so much faith that you will return to us- That your suffering will transform into testimony- That you will find the light switch- That you will create your own map.

Because the potential locked inside of you would shatter a sea of darkness. And just because the key for that lock is temporarily buried doesn’t mean I will stop offering my shovel. I’d dig to China if you’d let me help you find it.

But, you won’t.

So I keep the lights on hoping the beams will reach you where you are. I pray they penetrate the darkness, and help you find your way out.

I can’t wait for the day your smile returns, and we can wave a white flag celebrating you making it out of the woods.

Love, your sister.