subject line: He cheated on me with you and all I can do is write a letter


cumberland, rhode island

To the girl who will replace me,

I often wonder about you. What are you like? Smart, funny, charming? You must be incredibly special for Brian to have chosen you. He doesn’t give his heart away easily. In fact, he is very cautious with whom he trusts. Don’t be alarmed if he falls in love with you long before he instills any trust in you. He is heavily guarded and there will be many walls for you to break down. But I promise you the outcome is worth it.

Despite his stoic demeanor, Brian possesses a boyish charm. He loves model cars, chocolate, and watching good movies. Learn how to play PlayStation and talk football and his heart will be yours.

Brian is funny in both a sarcastic and playful way. He’ll crack jokes that will go over your head and he’ll hide in the dark and jump out at you when you least expect it. He’ll conceal your reindeer doormat somewhere in the apartment and make you find it. Cherish these moments for they are rare and he is showing you who he truly is.

I dare you to try not to get lost in his green eyes. Sometimes I swear they could see right through me. But now they are for you to look into. Don’t take them for granted. You’ll never find another pair quite like them; amber and gold and green. Brian’s handsome and he knows it. He’s confident but never cocky. You’ll never have to worry about dressing him but you may have to worry about him looking better than you.

I have to admit you’ve picked a good one. He’s neat and picks up after himself. Although he has this annoying habit of leaving his dirty dishes in the sink. He gets into these moods where he’ll blast his music on his speaker and begin to clean up his life. Don’t interrupt this. This is his routine. If anything lay on the bed and watch him, he won’t mind. Talk about your favorite music, what happened at work, the best part of your day. Make him laugh. And please, make him happy. He’s not a bad cook either. He’ll make you dinner without complaint. Try and help out. Peel the potatoes, boil the rice, and he’ll take care of the rest.

Brian gets in these phases where he’ll play videogames (mostly Madden) for hours on end, especially on his days off. Allow him to relax. He needs this. Sit beside him, read a book, ask him to play. Be present because I never was. Be better than me. Just a fair warning: he’s going to try to wear the pants in the relationship. Don’t always let him have control. Choose the movie, pick the restaurant. Be confident. He’ll think it’s sexy.

He might not always tell you that he loves you or that you’re beautiful, but know that he’s thinking it. Let him know how amazing he is even when he doesn’t want to hear it. He may be stubborn and selfish at times, but Brian will always try to do the right thing. He’s black and white. So be his color.

Most importantly: listen, communicate, challenge him, and inspire him. Stay connected and don’t take each other for granted. He will always do right by you so please do the same. Be his passion. Light up his life and make him happy.


The one who wasn’t enough