The "How I got over you" chronicles.

We've been been at this thing for about 5 months now. Five months of gritty emails, heartfelt honesty, and secrets we swear to take to the grave with us. 

We've watched you rally for one another-- even though you don't know who "Memphis" is or how "Birmingham" takes his coffee. Maybe it was never about that. Maybe you're the ones who proved it. 

But we want to take it a step further and pose to you a challenge. We know your hearts now, whether you're in Seattle or Austin, and we trust you to deliver: we want your "how I got over you" stories. 

At the end of the day, we can't sleep at night if we are just a place where confessions show up in an inbox. We've both come up against the hurdles of finally letting someone go for good. We want to see closure. We need to see community. We want to read the gritty truth and processes. So please, how? How did you stop checking his Instagram at all hours of the day? How did you tell her goodbye and actually mean it? How did you get over the ghosts?

We don't want to tell good ghost stories, we want to be freaking free. 

hb & jb.