subject line: you're not my missing piece.


powder springs, georgia

somewhere between six and one month ago i fell for a boy who leaves me love notes because he knows that nothing means more to me than a proof of love that i can hold. a boy who kisses me slow and holds me tight. a boy who calls me things like “lovely”. a boy who believes that i am worth more than the sun, moon, and stars combined. a boy who believes i am strong enough to hold any load, but is waiting to take a turn when my arms get tired.

i fell for a boy who loves me well, but cannot make me whole.

i spent 17 years loving and desperately looking for someone to make me whole. i spent one year realizing that you cannot love people into becoming your “other half”. i spent the next two learning to love myself and determined to not allow anyone close enough to lean on. i thought i had taught myself how to stand tall, whole, complete.

i fell for a boy who loves me well, but now i cannot figure out where he fits.