subject line: I got to say my "i love you"s.


habersham, georgia

“Bye, Papa. I love you and I’ll see you later.” He’s clung tight to his faith and that’s why I’m not worried about our “later.” It was hard, but I got to say my goodbyes. I got the chance to hold his hand, look him in the eye, and remind him that I loved him almost as much as he loves psychology books and crime TV. And I will do the same thing every time I have the opportunity to see him until he’s called home.

Tonight, I’m haunted by the fact that many people aren’t given that chance. So many lives get taken unexpectedly. So many men leave for work in the mornings giving their wives a routined “I love you” and a peck on the cheek. So many teenagers walk out leaving their parents nothing but a slamming door and the illumination of tail lights. We think we have another day to make things right. We think we have forever, but we don’t. I got lucky. Praise God, I got lucky.