subject line: dear dad.


scranton, pennsylvania

Our life was great. You, Mom, me and my siblings. But you’re gone. You left us. It’s been 4 years, and it’s still just painful as if it was yesterday. Mom keeps talking about “closure”. But what’s that even worth? You’re over all of us, It’s been closed to you for 4 years. Your oldest son is starting his senior year. I hope you realize it hurts him not to have his father here to cheer him on. Your youngest daughter is a soccer star. Team captain, and only a sophomore. You’re youngest cries every night because he’s the only one in his class without a dad. And me? well, I’m the oldest. I have to hold myself together. I’m almost done with college. You missed my graduation from highschool, you missed my first boyfriend, my first heart break, you missed celebrating the completion of my first year, and the celebration of being chosen as student leadership. You’ve missed it all. But you don’t even realize it. You don’t even miss it. We’re just a part of your past, but to us, you’re what’s missing from our present. I hope your new life is worth what you’ve missed. Because you’re sure missing a lot.