subject line: baggage claim hearts.


steubenville, ohio.

For a culture preaching mental health awareness, we really hate when people make you aware of their mental health. We are a society of plastic masks and prescription-strength problems. We are a people hiding from ourselves and each other. We are the girls crying in the middle of the night, remembering boys who ran away.

”She had too much baggage,” He says.

Damn it, girl. Do not mourn for him. Do not let your heart cry in anguish when he walks away. When the boy who treats you like lost luggage turns and leaves on a flight for which you do not have a ticket, do not mourn. Tell yourself you’re better off, because believe me, you are. Maybe not now. You are allowed to cry. Turn on “White Horse” by T. Swift. Grab a box of tissues and your favorite blanket and the biggest sweatshirt you can find (as long as it doesn’t belong to him). Cry. Cry a lot. You can mourn for the parts of you that you lost. You can mourn for that. But please know, dear girl, you will find you again. Slowly, day by day, you will come back to yourself. You’ll be able to listen to those songs again... You know the ones... the late night youtube links, the slow dance songs, the car windows rolled down jams.

One day, they will come on the radio, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling and laughing a little. How sad that the boy with a revolving door heart (one minute in, the next out in the cold) missed out on the amazing girl you are. It’s his loss, my love. And it’s a big one.

Be patient. Be patient with yourself, because it takes a while to accept that someone has reduced you to nothing more than a list of so called “problems.” That you were referred to as baggage. Girl, you will learn. Slowly but surely you will learn that people like that are not worth mourning. They are better off far, far away from the beautiful, reckless, crazy hearts that are you and me. They are better far away.