subject line: How I got over you. Volume 8.

He took away my ability to believe. Kind of like a Carrie Bradshaw and Big situation, pre wedding. He left, he came back, and then finally I left because I knew I was too good to be treated that poorly. He lived across the street for 20 years. 10 of those I spent chasing him. Love isn’t something that can’t make up it’s mind. Love is the only universal language, but we all seem to forget how to speak it or better yet, how to believe in it.

I downloaded tinder a few months ago. There is nothing more reassuring than knowing that you can carry a conversation with a complete stranger about the things you love. It might be an app with a bunch of strangers who I will never meet. But it’s an app that has given me back the ability to believe in this thing called love. Some people say its for hook ups. I say it’s a place where all the lonely people go, some for hook ups, but for most the most part, we are all looking for someone to talk to, to throw our belief about love back into our lives because we thought it was lost when someone walked away.

You never know when a conversation will happen that will throw you back into the game, but it will, and your belief in love will return.

Tinder got me through my break up. Not through sex, but through simple conversations that never went anywhere beyond a phone screen. I haven’t found love, but either have the thousands of people who swipe left or right every single night.

Tinder won’t solve the worlds problems, but it sure as hell solved my issue of not being able to get over you.