Subject line: How I got over you. Volume 13.

My therapist says I’m grieving; I am grieving the loss of someone I never technically had.
So here goes nothing:

Denial: “Maybe he is joking... Maybe he isn’t leaving me... Maybe he will call me any day now...”

Anger: “This is bullshit... How could he just walk out of my life? How the hell do you go from talking about me flying to see you to not having any desire to talk to me?

Bargaining: I will focus on my relationship with God more... Please don’t let him actually not be in my life...

Depression: Why was I never good enough... I know you think I deserve better, but why was I never good enough for you...

Acceptance: He is permanently not in my life. Delete his number. Unfollow him on social media. He is not there.

I am trying to grieve, but instead I am admitting that the sadness and anger is there instead of just feeling the actually emotions. But, that is a step for me.
I haven’t gotten over him yet, but I am working on it daily.