subject line: How I got over you, Volume 1.


minneapolis, minnesota

you ask us to tell you our “how I got over you” story. Our “put the ghost to bed at night” stories.
Well, here’s mine.

For a long time, 13 years to be exact, I had a crush on my neighbor. I say “crush” carefully, there’s a reason why people don’t call it a “dent”. I knew everything about him. I knew who was his favorite superhero, what bands he listened to on repeat, his go-to workout at the gym, which cousin was getting married next, and what he thought about in the car.

Until one day, I realized I didn’t really know him at all.

I had built this image of him up in my head, this image of him as a character in a John Cusack movie who would hold a boom box outside of my window and yell that after all these years, he has finally seen the light. He has finally really seen me.

And then he started talking about other girls. And I realized that he is somebody else’s John Cusack character.

So I cried and ate ice cream. And then one day, I met a guy and I started wondering how he takes his coffee. I became excited every time I learned what his favorite car was or what celebrity he would trade places with or what movie he can quote word for word.

And I knew. I knew that although my neighbor had put down the boom box, somebody else might pick it up.