subject line: eyes up.


olathe, kansas

I have a habit of walking with my head down. It’s easier that way - I can avoid the glances of others and therefore avoid wondering what it is they’re thinking about me. I can walk up to a building and avoid seeing the reflection of myself in the glass doors. I can forget the disappoint that I often believe myself to be.

The thing is - that’s no true way to live. Whether I’m one day a 300 lbs man or eventually drop from my staggering 262 lbs to a less cumbersome 210, I’m still me - still a man, with a heart, passion, and a lot of love to give. There’s not much reason to be ashamed of myself.

Yes - progress would be wonderful. And I have some very “human” characteristics and habitual rituals (hey - that rhymes) that can be cumbersome to me reaching my personal fitness goals. But even if I stayed the same, I’m still worth loving - still worth being looked at and respected - still worthy of being fought for. Even if it’s me - fighting for myself.

So today, wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever struggle you’re facing- remember to keep your eyes up. You’re worth it.