subject line: love.


manitoba, canada

Even though I am married with 2 kids (so far) I still think we will end up together. It’s not something I dwell on even, it’s just there, some days I don’t even think of you but then you’ll pop into a dream, and it will be amazing and the yearning I have for you will be as strong as ever. I don’t even know you now, you don’t even know me now. I don’t know if you think of me, but I think you do. I look at the stars and know at that moment you may be too, and we are still destined to be. I do wonder how old we will be when it gets sorted out, but I think the distance we have currently and our life lessons are all part of it. I used to be the biggest hopeless romantic, and most days now don’t even think of romance until you seep into my dreams and my heart once again.