subject line: The Most Humiliating Moment Of My Whole Life


greenville, south carolina 

Recently, my youngest sister and I recently shared an embarrassing experience. I forget the specifics, it was water under the bridge in all the “humiliating” moments I have experienced over the course of 25 years. Later after the moment had passed, my little sister told me that she had never been humiliated in her whole life and asked me if it was the same for me.

”No,” I answered. “The most humiliating moment of my whole life happened at the mall last year, when I saw him and his fiancée in the food court and he stared at me the whole time but didn’t say anything. And I just stared back, frozen in place and our friend had to drag me away.”

Inwardly, I hope she never truly experiences that kind of humiliation and that she never remembers humiliating experiences a year and two months after they happen.