subject line: look up.


long island, new york 

Here I am. A girl in my mid twenties, trying her best to enjoy this life. Yet, I feel so inadequate. Why? I feel the world revolves around a small 3 letter word: sex. And I am a virgin.

Why does that make me feel inadequate? It shouldn’t, and I know that! Yet, the world around me seems to revolve around it. We see our world through small screens. We “swipe right” or “swipe left” instead of actually looking for someone or getting to know someone. There is no chase anymore. People just seem to cut right to end, instead of going through the process.

I don’t understand why. Why we feel the need to communicate through our screens instead of actually talking face to face. Why the world seems to care so much about sex. It’s everywhere, and I feel like there is a huge V plastered to my forehead that the whole world can see.

Here I am. Just a girl. Wondering when the world will change. When people will realize there is more to life than our screens and phones and social media. There is a whole world to explore! We just need to be willing to look up. Live in the moment, in the now, rather than viewing life through tiny screens. See others for who they are, and be willing to actually get to know them.