subject line: let's flip it.


columbia, missouri 

Every day I get on social media and there is another article with the title of something along the lines of “ 10 traits to look for in your husband”, or “5 qualities of men”. I click on the thumbnail picture of a happy couple and scroll through the pages. I internally nod and think, yes, that would be nice. I begin to day dream of cute boys with nice hair who say all the right things. But that pipe dream is rudely interrupted by reality. The reality that my Mom is usually the only one who texts me every day. That I work hard every day, and seems that no one sees. That I am hungry and sad and no boy with swoon-worthy hair is going to show up with lasagna.

This gets me down. I let it get me down more than it should. These expectations of that one boy who will magically appear in my life and fix all my problems are lies. Lies that I daily believe. Lies that trip me up into thinking that my life isn’t enough. That who I am isn’t good. That I will only be made whole when the inevitable “man of my dream” shows up. Lies. Straight lies.

So now what? What do I do in the meantime? This whole wait for prince charming to show up with my class slipper mentality isn’t working.

I say we flip it. Flip the whole “10 traits to look for in a husband” to “10 freakin awesome traits that I am going to develop in MYSELF”

I am not going to sit and sulk. Sit and wait for a white horse to show up. Neither are you. We are too good for that. Way too good.

So lets get it. Get to becoming who we want to be. Get to becoming strong and independent. We are going to set our alarm to be our favorite song, brew our own coffee, bake lasagna for ourselves. We are going to wake up and kick butt and do this life. Doing life, doesn’t involve sulking.

But it does involve dreams and purpose and fun and life. It involves Zumba and friends and scandal marathons.

I do not need a ring to become the woman I want to be.

You do not need a ring to become the woman you want to be.