subject line: because I'm a mess but I'll let you love me.


los angeles, california 

Because I am wrong. I am a mixture of everything that has ever happened in the wrong way. Any way that I could’ve picked the right way, I didn’t. I think too deeply. I get personal quickly. I like to let people in but when I get hurt I turn inside myself. I dream in colors and don’t know how to make my mind take a step back from the world. I get consumed by others troubles just because I want to help. All I want to do is help. Sometimes I let myself put broken chains back on just to remind myself of the weight. I’m a self defeating masochist. I don’t feel right if I don’t feel pain for my mistakes. But man. If you could learn to listen to me rant about a thought at 3 a.m.. If you can still love me during a break down where I’ve taken in the world and can’t stop crying. Or if you look at me with one stare and pull my mind back from the depths of self destruction. We might be able to work something out.