subject line: dear man (boy).


powder springs, georgia 

for the love of all things you and me, stop using the phrase “stop thinking so much.”
if you’re looking for a woman who is willing to stop her thoughts for a man (boy?) with pretty blue eyes, then thank you for stopping by with those tiny oceans, but you should probably keep walking.
i know you mean well
but no amount of “stop” will ever keep me from allowing these thoughts of
and you
and we
and us
and all of them
to cease circling my mind.
i will never stop writing my thoughts on pages and pages until my hand hurts, but my heart feels better.
they say that eyes are the window to the soul, and i’m looking for a man with oceans that beg my thoughts to go on.
so that is why, my lover (friend?), when you tell me to “stop thinking so much” in my mind i am already showing you the door.
my thoughts are a forest fire and you came with a spray bottle.
(this could have been) love,