subject line: 104 letters.


boston, massachusetts

I once read a book about a man fighting cancer. Every week while he underwent treatment, his friend would send him a letter. This went on for two years-every week, without fail, for 104 weeks. When he was tired and weak and in pain, he would reread those letters and know that he was loved. So when I heard about your accident, and the long road to recovery that you’re facing, I knew there was one thing I could do. I can’t knit your bones together. I can’t teach you how to walk again. But I can do this. I can write. And I will.
Every Wednesday, I will pen a note full of funny jokes and stories and memories. Every Wednesday, I will walk down to the mailbox and place my letter in the slot, say a prayer of healing, and wait for all my love and good wishes to wing their way to your door. Let this be my promise to you—I will be here rooting for you every step of the way. And if you ever need to be reminded of how much I care for you, you need only look at this stack of letters.