subject line: to the boy in the corner.


salt lake city, utah

I hate her for you.

I hate that she drew you in, that you trusted her with everything you had and that she broke you before she let you go. I’m so glad she let you go. But I hate that she broke you, that she pulled you into her seemingly never ending hurricane of one broken path after another. She’s so lost and a part of me hurts for her. I just wish she hadn’t involved you in her storm.

She’s never hurt me. She’s never even met me. But I love you and even if you will never love me back in the way I want, you still have a piece of my heart and I want to protect you. It kills me that I can’t protect you from what she did and the destruction she left in her path.

I want you to be so happy. I want you to find someone who fixes what she made wrong, who gives you new hope, who sets your world on fire, in the best way possible. I hope you find the love you deserve.