subject line: imperfections.


portland, oregon

The darkness of your heart that only I know about, I think is what might make you the most beautiful person I will ever know.

You know it’s there, but you change lives for the better, while you know this darkness is making a home in your heart.

You let me see it, because you know I love you regardless of it, and I think I love you deeper with it..because you’re human. You’re not perfect. I don’t want you to be and I don’t want you to work to be perfect, because you don’t need to be for me and you don’t need to be for anyone. The most comforting thing you have ever said you me is, “the world needs more criers.”

I will never forget that, it emits that fact that we can feel, and many times too much and a lot of times it’s because we aren’t perfect and we shouldn’t be in an imperfect world.

You make me a better human because of your flaws and you will never know that.