subject line: I like you.


chicago, illinois

There are so many little things I like about you that I don’t know where to begin.

I like how you giggle when you are watching TV and look back at me every time something funny happens to see if I think it’s funny too.

I like (actually love) hearing you speak french. I know that is when you are the happiest. And while I love it, I know that is the place you might be leaving me for soon. And that breaks my heart into pieces.

I like that you are a hard worker. More than anyone I know my age.

I like that you are interested in the world around you, and people, and things that aren’t related to your career. It is always an interesting conversation with you.

I like that you treat me like a human being, a friend. You don’t ignore me or hide the fact that we spend time together.

I like how you love your family. How you always talk about them and tell me that you miss them. I can’t believe this isn’t normal among guys my age but it’s something I really like about you.

But there is something holding me back from telling you. Maybe fear that it will ruin what we have, maybe a fear of rejection. I am two months away from entering my twenties and I have never even held anyone’s hand. I’m willing to risk all my anxiety of intimacy and giving my heart to someone because I want to be by you. I like being out in the world with you. I’m scared of what to do and what to say but, I’m thinking that I might just have to get my heart broken by you.