subject line: I got the boy, she got the man.


virginia beach, virginia

I truly thought I was doing a great thing when I set you two up on your blind date and after you both came back saying how great it was, I thought we would all be best friends. I truly thought we were going to welcome her into sacred friendship and she would add life, and trust, and once again you would be happy.

I never thought that she would take my place and I would be like Oliver standing out, begging to be let in.

I’m so happy that you are happy again. I’m happy that she healed the scars that I made. But I hate her now. I hate that she gets you. I hate that she’s who rides shotgun in your truck and she’s the one that picks the music. I hate that she’s who stands by you at concerts and gets to talk to you about the shows that we used to watch. I hate that she’s the one moving in with you. I hate that she gets to be your best friend.

Someone told me the other day that they knew you were settling by being with her. They knew you wanted someone else. It took everything for me to not scream, “It’s me! He really wants me!” Does that mean I won?

I don’t want the secret, I want my friend.