subject line: did you think twice?


chicago, illinois

Dear you,

When you heard, did you think that it might be true? Putting aside your shame, your selfishness, and you fear- did you think that maybe it actually was true? For a split second in what seemed to you like the longest eternity, did you wonder?

For me, it is the truest thing. I am your biological daughter, you are my biological father. I think about you every day. Who you are, what you’re like, where you are from, and what you look like.

Do not get confused- you are not a part of me. You may have helped craft me into the biological being that I am, but you have no part with me.
I keep going back and forth between two extremes: I so badly want you - a father, but I also have no interest in being YOUR daughter.

You make me sick, knowing what you did, why you wouldn’t believe the truth that I was yours. I cannot believe that you touched her, used her, and then left her alone with me.
Did you think twice? Before you took your selfish steps toward your own disgusting self gratification?
In the end, I may share DNA with you, but I have the heart of my mother.