subject line: With an Empty Armchair.


waco, texas

This an email to a person who was once a friend...who chose to walk away, to leave, to break and sever and hurt in the most painful way the bond we once had. We’d bought an armchair together once - a whim of two people shopping together who had a mutual love of books and cozy chairs.

Then things ended. And the armchair sat in my room for months, gave me comfort, provided support on rainy days. Until at last the person blew back in and demanded it back. In the end, despite the joy and fondness I had for the chair, it was not worth her presence in my life again. And so this poem came to be...and I let it go.

”With an Empty Armchair”

I don’t really care now.

I hope you know that.
But I also no longer care
Whether you do or not,
Because your opinion will
Never matter again.

I look at the armchair -
Solid, warm, comforting
Always there.
Perhaps like what I was to you
Once long ago.

It stands alone. Empty.
Like you, I think.
I don’t care anymore.
You may have it - and maybe
You will smile with triumph.

But I think even the worn corners of
The armchair know the truth,
That it doesn’t matter any more
And nothing will change the fact
That you are alone.

An armchair doesn’t fill
An empty heart.
I think you will learn that soon
And I’m not sorry.

Because now I have no reminder
Of you. And I am glad -
I have erased you from my Life
As if you were never there.

And I am free.
But all you will ever be is alone
With an empty armchair.