subject line: when the world shifts.


leavenworth, washington

Is it typical that when you come home from meeting a boy at a bar, unintentionally go on a date and have a first kiss that makes your heart stop, that you come home and write an email to yourself so you do not forget about the things you talked about with said boy? I sure as hell do not. And that is how I know this was not your typical experience.

Here is what I wrote to myself in the wee hours of the morning

Met a guy tonight
talked about
religion-southern baptist
children-agrees about being a parent, not adding to population down with adoption would need to try fostering a dog first
life is predetermined or not-it is not, yet all of the decisions of those made before us brought us to this exact moment in time
public transit-Chicago is in the top three :)
Accents-lost his georgia one intentionally
traffic-Chicago has had bad experiences with traffic and him
dogs-big to mid sized dogs
ages-27 settling down, 22
drinking-pointed out that I have only been drinking for 2.5 years
traveling-atlanta, panama, new york, san fran, leavenworth (london, romania in there)

This is just a very brief summary of the things I wanted to remember, I could add more now if I wanted, but figured that I should let you read what I wrote un-edited.

At the end of the night this boy who drastically changed my life asked for my number and after a some discussion I gave it to him.

Before we left for the night, he asked me if he could contact me and I told him, “you have my number, it is yours to do what you will with it.” And then I walked away.

All the while I told myself it was nothing and I should not expect him to call. I shouldn’t have been surprised when he didn’t. It is weird to have never ever felt this way before and never even be given the chance to experience it. I guess I will always wonder right?